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204 205 The three EU foreign ministers signed the document as witnesses; 206 Russian mediator Vladimir Lukin did not, because he had no mandate to sign an agreement on the crisis. 215 Vitali Klitschko apologised to the crowd on Independence Square after shaking hands with Yanukovych. 95 During a press conference on, Ukraine's new interior minister, chief prosecutor, and top security chief implicated more than 30 Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) agents in the crackdown on protesters, saying that, in addition to taking part in the planning, the agents had flown. Demonstrators threw stun grenades, filling the park with smoke. 293 This law regulated the exempt from criminal liabilities and punishment for Euromaidan protesters who committed crimes in the period 27 December 2013 through 2 February 2014 and had came into effect on 17 February 2014. At the Yanukovych headquarters propose to sign a constitutional treaty.

Retrieved 21 February 2014. 228 Paet later asserted that he had not been implying that the opposition was involved, but merely relaying the content of the doctor's testimony. 194 Yanukovych said he would not resign or leave the country and called Parliament's decisions "illegal." He added, "The events witnessed by our country and the whole world are an example of a coup d'état and compared them to the rise of the Nazi Party. Yuras Karmanau; Angela Charlton (22 February 2014). Prime Minister Mykola Azarov had asked for 20 billion (US27 billion) in loans and aid.

115 Opposition leaders meeting with President Yanukovych edit Emerging from a meeting with President Yanukovych, opposition leader Vitali Klitschko told Hromadske TV that the talks had not been successful. 20 February 2014 a b "Ukraine death toll rises to 22 as EU talks under way". The Kremlin unsubtly pushing. 180 Ten Party of Regions and two independent MPs nb 2 called for a return to the parliamentary-presidential form of government. T20:2802:00 20:28 18 February 2014.

"Ukraine: peace hopes in the air as president loses his powers". After the first day of clashes, 26 people were reported dead: 16 protesters and 10 police officers. This is what I've told Yanukovych. 166 167 After a telephone conversation between Yanukovych and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, Russian human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin was sent as an envoy to Ukraine, at Yanukovych's request, to try to mediate talks between the government and the opposition. Retrieved "Ukraine protests: Vitali Klitschko is seeking immediate resignation of President Yanukocych watch live". 254 The same day, Parliament appointed Avakov as acting interior minister. "Is Russia Opening a 'Crimean Front'?". Council of the European Union.

And the destiny you seek lies in Europe, What we're trying to do is try to bring about a peaceful transition here, that would stop the violence and give the Ukrainian people what they unfortunately have not had, with different revolutions that have taken place. Retrieved b c d e Dozens dead' in Kyiv as Ukraine 'truce' breaks down". The rallies were initially peaceful but became violent in January 2014 after Parliament, dominated by Yanukovych's supporters, passed laws intended to repress the protests. The guards were "met by a group of armed men who offered money for flying without the proper clearance". I urge all citizens to create pockets of resistance." 353 International reactions edit International organisations edit United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on 19 February for an end to the "unacceptable" violence in Ukraine and for amnesty for those detained during the unrest. 92 On, the Daily Beast published photos and videos showing that the snipers were members of the SBU's "anti-terrorist" Alpha unit who had been trained in Russia. "Soros: Ukraine needs EU Marshall Plan".

59 The police fired guns with both rubber bullets and, later, live ammunition (including automatic weapons and sniper rifles while also using tear gas and flash grenades in an attempt to repel thousands of demonstrators. At 16:00, the acting chief of the Ukraine Security Services, Oleksandr Yakymenko, and acting Interior Minister Zakharchenko issued a public warning to protesters to clear the streets within two hours, saying, "If by 18:00 the lawlessness doesn't cease, we shall be forced to use all. Overview of the occupation of central Kiev by protestors in early February 2014. 213 Deal's aftermath edit Right Sector activists stand in front of a Belarusian opposition movement flag. "Ukraine issues arrest warrant for missing leader". 147 According to the coordinator of medical services on Independence Square, Oleh Musiy, between 70 and 100 protesters had been killed by 17:30 on 20 February. 289 Berkut dissolved edit On 25 February, acting Interior Minister Avakov signed a decree dissolving the Berkut.


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"Serhiy Klyuyev condemns violence, but remains loyal to Yanukovych". The prosecutor's office later said that four of the deaths were being investigated as murders; a suspect was also charged with murder in a fifth case, the death of prosecutor Sergei Melnychuk. President Yanukovych fired the chief of the general staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Volodymyr Zamana, and replaced him with Ilyin, who was previously the commander of the Ukrainian Navy. "Council conclusions on Ukraine" (PDF). 139 Protesters at Independence Square continued to hear gunshots, despite the ceasefire agreement. 160 The ministry further stated that a sniper had injured 20 of its police officers. 162 163 The meeting was delayed for security reasons and began an hour late. A b c "Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych says truce reached with opposition figures". The death of each person is a personal tragedy for each." 118 Later that day, the parties said, "To hold talks with the regime, the policies of which led to the deaths of many people, is an extremely unpleasant thing, but we must. "Agreement on the Settlement of Crisis in Ukraine - full text".

384 Turkey Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in a press conference, "Ukraine is one of the countries with a strategic location in the Black Sea basin. 165 Prime Minister Donald Tusk of Poland told reporters soon afterward, "It was agreed with Yanukovych that there was a willingness to hold early elections this year, both presidential and parliamentary." Tusk also said that Yanukovych "was willing to form a national unity government. 367 Georgia The Foreign Ministry released a statement on 18 February condemning the use of force and adding that Georgian officials were "extremely concerned over tragic events" in Kiev. "EuroMaidan rallies in Ukraine Dec. 120 Bigger stores and malls on Khreshchatyk were also closed, but according to a Euronews correspondent, "Life away from the barricades is business as usual." 121 In the early morning, titushky shot two protesters, killing one. "We have substantiated grounds to consider that these very groups which were located at an SBU training ground took part in the planning and execution of activities of this so-called antiterrorist operation Nalyvaichenko said. Ukraine is a friendly country for Armenia.

No act of violence or repression today will go unnoticed by the Government of Canada, and we will work with our allies in the international community to ensure that those responsible will be held to account." 362 On the same day, Baird also said that. 129 By 14: 50, about 5,000 remained on the square. 178 The head of the Kiev City State Administration, Volodymyr Makeyenko, and 17 MPs resigned from the Party of Regions. Archived from the original on Retrieved 21 February 2014. People will decide themselves what to do depending on when and how their demands are satisfied." 119 19 February edit Internal troops form a phalanx against protesters. European Union External Action. 322 323 In addition, a statue honouring Soviet soldiers was removed from the western Ukrainian city of Stryi. 162 The United States imposed visa bans on 20 Ukrainian officials it considered "responsible for ordering human rights abuses related to political oppression". 32 Speculation on snipers edit CNN reported that officials had intercepted a telephone call between Foreign Minister Urmas Paet of Estonia and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton in which Paet relayed a doctor's testimony that the sniper. 223 Casualties edit A memorial in Kiev.

"Yakimenko accuses EuroMaidan leaders of hiring snipers; allegations denounced". "EU suspends trade deal talks with Ukraine". They stated that the recent events in Kiev had paralyzed the central government and destabilised the country. Retrieved b c "Ukraine leader seeks cash at Kremlin to fend off crisis". "Ukraine: Heading for Civil War".

A b "Captured Interior Troops soldiers released, their condition satisfactory Interior Ministry". "European Investment Bank freezes activities in Ukraine over violence". "EuroMaidan rallies in Ukraine (Jan. 340 Three HC Donbass home KHL playoff games were moved from Donetsk 's Druzhba Arena to Slovnaft Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia. "Ukraine's Security Service stops preparations for anti-terrorist operation". 131 The director of the SBU, Oleksandr Yakymenko, said that military bases and arms depots had been attacked in several regions. "Putin's Growing Threat Next Door". At 10:33, the street fights between protesters and the police shifted to Shovkovychna Street. No one's going to teach us how to live, how to love our motherland or what political interests we defend".

153 Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov likened threats of EU sanctions "on those responsible for Ukraine violence" to blackmail and said, "The EU is also trying to consider the introduction of sanctions, and at the same time they come to Kiev on uninvited missions." 162. 244 Former Interior Minister Zakharchenko also tried to fly out of Donetsk and was similarly turned back. There is no solution other than elections." 164 The negotiations lasted six hours. "Yanukovich planned harsh clampdown on protesters: Ukraine deputy". 372 Italy Foreign Minister Emma Bonino called on 20 February for visa sanctions against those responsible for violence, a weapons embargo, and humanitarian support. 20 February 2014 Massacre in Kiev: the truth in power? "Members voted for ceasefire". 364 Czech Republic Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek, meeting with the Ukrainian ambassador on 19 February, described the use of violence against protesters as "absolutely unacceptable" and said that "under no circumstances should internal problems be solved in such a manner".

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181 On 4 February 2014 the opposition had unsuccessfully tried to push through an unconditional amnesty for all detained protesters, and the returning to the constitution as it was between 20, in the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament). Retrieved 22 February 2014. He was in negotiations with Klitschko and Yatsenyuk. 92 On 21 February, after a failed crackdown that killed as many as 100 people, Yanukovych made some concessions. 295 Andriy Kluyev, an organiser of the event, said the group intended to discuss the federalisation of the country into semi-autonomous regions. 218 By late afternoon, hundreds of riot police officers guarding the presidential compound and nearby government buildings had vanished. In response, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia said that Yanukovych needed to stop behaving like a "doormat and that further loan installments would be withheld. Over 50 Dating Ukraina Dating

292 Both are completely under Russian control. 277 278 The law on lustration, which excluded from government most officials who had worked in the Yanukovych administration, affected up to a million people. Those with minor injuries were treated by medics. 101 By 11:00, protesters had sustained serious wounds. An economic crisis in Ukraine would be a grave threat to the country's stability and have damaging wider consequences. "PR faction not to take part in today's sitting of Verkhovna Rada Oleynyk". 251 On the same day, Yanukovych and Zakharchenko were declared internationally wanted. 229 Olga Bogomolets, the doctor who allegedly claimed that protesters and Berkut troops had come under fire from the same source, said that she had not made such a claim. Activist Volodymyr Parasiuk warned from the stage that if Yanukovych did not resign by 10:00 the next day, an armed coup would be staged.

66 Parliament also suspended Zakharchenko from his duties. 84 85 Several government ministers from across Europe blamed Russia for exacerbating the violence. A b c d e f g h i j k l "Four reported dead, more than 100 injured as violent clashes break out near Ukraine's parliament (live updates. By mid-afternoon, police officers using tear gas drove as many as 10,000 protesters from Mariinsky Park, where barricades had been built earlier in the day. "EU foreign ministers praise "risk -taking" Ukrainian protagonists". "Ukraine parliament holds debate despite Kyiv violence". 146 At 09:32, it was announced that Parliament would not convene. 221 A new parliamentary coalition was created after 28 MPs left the Party of Regions ' faction. Fifty seven percent of people in the government-controlled east regard the change in power as an "illegal armed coup".

Ruptly GmbH, Ukraine: European foreign ministers push Yanukovych to call election early. The leader of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People said he suspected that lawmakers would ask for Russian military intervention, stating, "Tomorrow may be a decision that will bring chaos and disaster to Crimea." 191 Several scholars discussed the possibility of Russian intervention. 350 Regions edit The presidium of the Supreme Council of Crimea (the parliament of Crimea) said: "Peaceful Crimea is extremely worried by another outbreak of violence in the center of Kiev. Dismissively referring to slow-moving European efforts to address political paralysis and a looming fiscal crisis in Ukraine. 310 On 1 March, thousands of people in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Simferopol, Odessa, Luhansk, Melitopol, Yevpatoria, Kerch, and Mariupol protested against the new government. 140 Around 04:20, five buses carrying protesters from Ivano-Frankivsk arrived. Archived from the original on 24 February 2014. 389 On 20 February, President Obama sharply criticized Russian support of the Yanukovych government and called for respect of people's basic freedoms. 50 The revolution was followed by pro-Russian unrest in some south-eastern regions, 51 52 a standoff with Russia regarding the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol, 53 54 and a war between the Ukrainian government and Russia-backed separatists in the Donbass.

101 At 11:30, protestersincluding the journalist Tetyana Chornovol 60 sacked and set fire to the building. 109 Advance toward Maidan edit Clashes between protesters and internal troops. It also stated that, as a neighbouring country, Hungary was interested in a "stable, democratic, and integrated Ukraine, as well as directly interested in the legal certainty of the Trans Carpathian Hungarians ". "Opposition leaders sign deal with president to end crisis in Ukraine". 120 The decision to begin the anti-terrorist operation involved the SBU, the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Defence, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, and the central and local governments, according to a statement on the SBU website. The resolution ordered the Cabinet of Ukraine and all siloviks to stop the use of force and prohibited the use of any weapons and special measures against citizens of Ukraine. Destruction of Soviet monuments edit See also: List of communist monuments in Ukraine The monument to the Russian field marshal Mikhail Kutuzov was demolished in the city of Brody in western Ukraine. 152 A masked protester with an air rifle. 314 However, nearly 70 agreed that Yanukovych was also not the legal president of the country. 136 A Euronews correspondent on Independence Square reported that the number of protesters had grown, saying, "In general, all I have heard from people is the more they are attacked and the worse they are beaten, the more determined they are to stand back.

162 The European Union introduced a visa ban and a financial asset freeze against those responsible for the violence in Ukraine, and a ban on export to Ukraine of equipment that could be used for repression. 83 Russian officials had been pressuring the Ukrainian administration to take decisive action to crush the protests, and the police assault on Euromaidan protesters was ordered hours after the 2 billion from Russia was transferred. The Underachiever: Ukraine's Economy Since 1991, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (March 9, 2012) Why is Ukraines economy in such a mess?, The Economist (Mar 5th 2014) UAH.5 b in budget funds embezzled since year-start, interior minister says, Interfax-Ukraine "Frequently asked questions about Ukraine. At approximately 22:00, it was reported that the police had broken through the protesters' barricades on the eastern side of the square. The Ukrainian security forces cracked down on the protesters, further inflaming the situation and resulting in a series of violent clashes in the streets of Kiev. 253 Political developments edit See also: First Yatsenyuk Government On 22 February, Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison and addressed more than 100,000 people on Independence Square. 199 The Security Service of Ukraine officially ended its "preparations for antiterrorist operation" introduced on 19 February. A line of riot police in Kiev on 12 February. The International Monetary Fund pledged more than 18 billion in loans contingent on Ukraine's adopting those reforms.

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